How to Use Open Source and Shut the Fuck Up At the Same Time


First, I do not speak on behalf of the hapi.js community, only for myself. hapi.js is a friendly, diverse, tolerant, and welcoming community.

We have a serious problem of user entitlement in open source. We have now seen many lead maintainers quit their own projects over constant abuse.

This affects everyone. Over the last year I have stopped supporting hapi users. The tone and attitude of open source users have become so negative, so demanding, and so persistent that I’ve decided I’m just not having any of it. I still write plenty of code, and most of it published as open source. I just don’t talk about it anymore. The only people who get my attention at this point are other hapi.js lead maintainers and a select group of people who get my “platinum support service” via private channels. This premium support is free and is offered to friends and…

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